The ASSET dispenser features and distinguishes thanks
its functionality, ease of use and excellent value for money.

Most of the water dispensers look alike at first glance but the real difference is inside, in the manufacturing expertise but mostly in the ability to guarantee high quality water for a long period of time.


ASSET offers tailor-designed medium and large scale solutions for customers who want their own “Personal Dispenser”.

To do this ASSET monitors the entire production cycle, from mould design to sampling and final product assembly, utilising its own company facilities.


Almost all the components used to make ASSET dispensers are designed and built in house, carefully selecting materials and utilising the latest technologies.

ASSET selects and uses the best Made in Italy certified “Technological Artisan” suppliers.

Hygiene Technology


Microfiltration is a filtration process that removes solid particles from a fluid that is then conveyed through a microporous membrane.
Copper or silver scales with microscopic holes are sometimes added during the water microfiltration process since they are natural antibacterial metals. They are added prior to a complex prefiltration process during which natural active principles (activated vegetable charcoal) capture and retain sediments, chlorine and other polluting substances over an extended period of time.
ASSET uses only filters certified by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Anti Bacteria Cooled Valves

The electromagnetic valves are inserted directly into the head of the carbonator, without having to use pipes or connectors that would only reduce productivity and increase the risk of bacterial load proliferation. Thermal conduction transfers the low temperature inside the carbonator head to the electromagnetic valves: therefore, the low temperature inside the electromagnetic valves significantly reduces the risk of bacterial load proliferation in the circuit, guaranteeing absolutely hygienic conditions.
This solution also significantly reduces the water content inside the dispenser hydraulic circuit.To optimize and improve performance Asset also adds a bacterial load inhibitor (bacteriostatic agent) – produced by BASF – to the polymer mixture used to mould the carbonator head and the electromagnetic valve block.


One of the most difficult problems to solve – relative to bacterial load proliferation inside water dispensers – is water stagnation inside the circuit.
A small amount of water remains trapped inside the nozzle delivery point after each dispensing operation.
Theoretically, it is possible that the user might not use the dispenser for several days (e.g. during holidays or weekends) and that the water in the nozzle, which comes in contact with the environment, may become unpleasant.
To solve this problem, Asset invented O3 TECH – Ozone Nozzle Sanification.
With this revolutionary technology the electromagnetic valves and the circuit that connects them to the point of delivery are completely emptied after each water dispensing operation. Then, the last section of the supply circuit is sanitized using ozone, which is produced inside the dispenser. If the dispenser is not used, sanification is still carried out on a periodic basis.
This significantly reduces any bacterial load that may have developed in the nozzle.

Energy Saving

Color of the water

Pipes are connected using fittings designed and manufactured by Asset. Each kind of water in the hydraulic circuit is also identified by the colour of the ring fitting. This colour code helps the technical staff carry out maintenance on the dispenser.
The fittings are hooked up to the pipe internally – not externally – thus creating a better seal that reduces the risk of increasing the bacterial load since the area exposed to contamination remains inside the fitting itself and is not exposed to airborne contaminating agents. This also reduces the number of open spaces in the hydraulic system.The water supplied by the Asset dispenser will always taste good thanks to this innovative system: equipped with a special hydraulic circuit, the system constantly replenishes the water inside the circuit, even if only one type of water is supplied (e.g. sparkling water).

Filter Cartridge

Delivers premium quality water for vending and OCS applications
Provides clear, fresh, premium quality ingredient water for great tasting drinking water and cold cup beverages.
ASSET’s unique filter blend using activated carbon reduces chlorine taste and odor and other offensive contaminants.
Precoat submicron technology reduces dirt and particles as many as 0.5 micron in size.
NSF Certified under NSF/ANSI standard 42 & 53.
Change cartridges on a regular 6 month preventative maintenance program.
Changes cartridges when capacity is reached or when pressure falls below 0.7 bar.
Service flow rate must not exceed 0.5 gpm or 1.9 lpm.
Always flush the filter cartridge at time of installation and cartridge change.

Chip Card Filter Life Control

All Asset dispensers are equipped with a slot for a Chip Card which can be used to program and customize different functions (language, name distributor, Customer Service phone number, etc.).

The main function of the software installed on the microprocessor is to constantly monitor the filter, notifying the user of an approaching expiration date (30 days before or close to reaching the maximum filterable volume) and preventing the dispenser from operating if the filter has not been replaced before the required date or the maximum number of litres has been delivered. This prevents the dispenser from being used incorrectly and always ensures a supply of perfectly purified water.

The software also constantly monitors the dispenser’s “optimum condition” parameters and warns the user - through visual and audio alarms – if any problems occur.

Energy Saving

For ASSET energy savings is the set of behaviours, processes and operations that can reduce the amount of energy needed to carry out various activities. We can save energy by changing our habits to reduce waste and by using technologies that convert energy from one form to another, thus becoming more energy efficient.

ASSET manufactures water dispensers that can easily replace the use of bottled mineral water while also significantly reducing CO2 emissions and our planet’s overall pollution level by eliminating billions of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles completely decompose in about 700 years and about 80% of those used are never recycled.
In Italy, an average of 270 litres per capita of mineral water and beverages are consumed each year. That’s equivalent to 180, 1.5 litre bottles.
The environmental impact is equal to the consumption of 22 litres of crude oil and 108 litres of water (for production and transport), as well as the emission of 23 kg of CO2!

All ASSET experience In the realization of the best water dispensers available on the market

Innovation And Research

One of the most important results of an economic analysis is the relationship between an economy’s investments in research and innovation and its ability to increase wellbeing over time.
Italy spends just 1.1% of its GDP on research, one of the lowest percentages among modern economies.

Hygienic Touchscreen – AHT

In public places, offices and schools, the dispenser is used frequently by a lot of people who are always touching the classic dispenser “push-button”.

The dirt residue that may build up in the space between the classic “push-button” and the surface of the dispenser can become fertile ground for proliferating bacteria and fungi. To eliminate this unpleasant and dangerous situation, Asset designed the AHT – Advanced Hygienic Touchscreen.

Consisting of a flat and smooth touchscreen keyboard, the AHT has no “vulnerable” spaces: that means it is easy to clean and guarantees absolutely hygienic conditions.



The extreme-performance Water Coolers from ASSET are available for OEM and small–to large-volume personalization opportunities.
All our Water Coolers are equipped with a Chip Card Slot ; we can then set for you different languages, different parameters (filter lifetime, dedicated alarms and so on).

Customized beauty

ASSET realizes customized media / large scale solutions

The exclusive front panel can be easily customized with logos, images and fancies, according to your demand, becoming in this way a valid instrument of Marketing Communication or simply a real personalization of your way of being.


ASSET is a modern brand made in Italy specialized in the production of point of use (POU) water dispenser connected to the water mains.
With an installed base of over 120.000 dispensers across fifteen countries and three continents and a production capacity of over thirty thousand units, ASSET has become a global player in the water dispensers market that can cover all segments: domestic, office & Ho.re.ca