ASSET has become a global player in the water dispenser market

ASSET product portfolio can cover all market segments (Domestic, Office & Ho.Re.Ca) and gives you the possibility to customize your individual and exclusive water dispenser, respecting the environment.

We have an important responsibility

Euromonitor International estimates that in 2021 the number of water bottles sold will increase by up to 20%, this is also due to the increasing use of bottled water in the Asian regions, especially in China.

The continuous increase in sales is likely to overturn the entire recycling system, which is now able to process and recover just a minor part of the overall consumed plastic. The remaining part ends up in landfills or at sea, where it releases chemicals with a strong impact on the environment. According to Focus.it, the accumulation of plastic in the planet is spread, by now all over the planet.

A planet to protect

Of all the places where plastic pollution has been found, the oceans have gotten the most attention. The accumulation of floating plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is the poster child of our wasteful society. And indeed, there is an awful lot of plastic in the so-called garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. Twice the size of Texas, it contains perhaps ten trillion pieces of plastic, weighing up to 70,000 metric tonnes. Once you add up the floating plastic in the garbage patches in the other four ocean basins, that number almost doubles... from Divemagazine

All ASSET experience In the realization of the best water dispensers available on the market


ASSET produces water dispensers, which can easily replace the use of bottled mineral water and contribute significantly to both the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the reduction of the pollution level on our planet caused by billions of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles take about 7 centuries to decompose completely and about 80% of those used are not recycled.
In Italy, an average of 270 liters per capita of mineral water and drinks are consumed each year, equivalent to 180 1.5 liter bottles.
The environmental impact is equal to the consumption of 22 liters of oil and 108 liters of water (used for production and transport), in addition to the emission of 23 kg of CO2.

All the experience of ASSET in the realization of the best water dispensers available on the market

Innovation And Awareness

One of the strongest results of economic analysis is the link between investments in research and development and the consequent ability to increase the level of well-being over time.
If we continue producing and using all this plastic, in a few decades we will be submerged. It pollutes the seas and, often, is harmful to our health too, especially that which covers the inner part of the cans of food and that of some packs.
ASSET strongly believes in the realization of water dispensers completely MADE IN ASSET, from design to assembly, always performed with top quality components, all certified.
Our mission is to create innovation in the market, combining what are the needs of consumers with new technologies in total respect for the environment.


ASSET is a modern brand made in Italy specialized in the production of point of use (POU) water dispenser connected to the water mains.
With an installed base of over 120.000 dispensers across fifteen countries and three continents and a production capacity of over thirty thousand units, ASSET has become a global player in the water dispensers market that can cover all segments: domestic, office & Ho.re.ca