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The ASSET philosophy is to gain the most stringent independent testing on all products, facilities and quality standards. By investing heavily in such certification and approvals, ASSET can guarantee the quality of the products and of the water which is dispensed.

ASSET water dispensers are functional and easy to use with an outstanding quality to price ratio. 

This is the result of over ten years of experience in industrial design, technological advances and manufacturing expertise.

CE Certification


1. CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislations, in practice by many of the so-called Product Directives.*

* Product Directives contains the "essential requirements" and/or "performance levels" and "Harmonized Standards" to which the products must conform. Harmonized Standards are the technical specifications (European Standards or Harmonization Documents) which are established by several European standards agencies (CEN, CENELEC, etc).
CEN stands for European Committee for Standardization.
CENELEC stands for European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization.

2. CE Marking on a product indicates to governmental officials that the product may be legally placed on the market in their country.

3. CE Marking on a product ensures the free movement of the product within the EFTA & European Union (EU) single market (total 28 countries), and CE Marking on a product permits the withdrawal of the non-conforming products by customs and enforcement/vigilance authorities.


IEC Certification

The IEC CB Scheme is by far the largest international certification scheme for products and is the closest there is to worldwide certification. It has more than 60 member countries, but it is also accepted outside these countries.

The CB Scheme facilitates the acceptance of test reports when applying for national safety certification of electrical products in the different IECEE member countries.

Also, it is today largely used between business partners in international trade for proving basic safety compliance of their electrical/electronic products.

Why ASSET ChooseS the Nemko CB?

Nemko has for many years been a leading issuer of CB Test Certificates, especially for IT products.
With a Nemko CB Test Certificate, manufacturers have a basis for achieving acceptance in most countries worldwide.
CB Test Certificates are today universally recognized also outside the member countries, and also in addition become the prime document for demonstrating product safety in international business-to-business trading of electrical equipment.
The CB Scheme is based on IEC standards, but at Nemko it normally also includes the European Standards (EN). It may then also be used as documentation for Declaration of Conformity and CE marking to the European Directive.
In addition, the products may be tested to national differences to the IEC/EN standards, in order for the CB test Certificate to be readily accepted in individual countries.
Manufacturers use this scheme to get both national certificates in various countries and to show that their products comply to relevant standards.
There is no annual license or fee for having the CB certificate.
IECEE is a part of IEC, the International Electrotechnical Commission

WaterMark Certification Scheme


WaterMark™ is a certification trademark and used in relation to water supply, sewerage, plumbing and drainage goods. The plumbing industry in Australia supports the use of the WaterMark™ which, when used properly, is an excellent way of helping Australian consumers be confident about the quality of the plumbing product to which it is applied. The WaterMark™ is applicable to products manufactured both locally and overseas.

The aim of the WaterMark Certification Scheme is to:
• ensure products meet specific specifications and standards; and
• assist Australian consumers to identify quality products produced both in Australia and overseas.

AQUA ITALIA Association

AQUA ITALIAASSET is a member of the AQUA ITALIA Association

The AQUA ITALIA Association has been established during the second half of the seventies, within the ANIMA Federation; its purpose was to join together the Italian ompanies manufacturing and producing plants, chemical products, equipment and component parts for the treatment of primary water, either for civil or general service and for swimming pools. In the run of years, member Companies have progressed to face and solve all the problems connected with water and its various uses, through :

drinking water production plants for aqueducts, municipalities, consortia, etc., using the most advanced clarification, flocculation, desalination, and disinfections processes, etc.
water treatment plants for home use, prevention of scaling and corrosion, improvement of organoleptic features (taste, smell, colour, etc.)
boilers for the production of steam or warm water, in order to prevent the negative impact of scaling and/or corrosion inside generators and steam/condensate piping;
cooling and humidification water, to overcome the problems linked to scaling, corrosion and development of biological events;
plants and chemical treatments for most industrial processes using and reusing water
plants for the treatment of water for swimming pools, both for public and private use, in order to assure a correct balance of water, and provide the user with the best hygienic and sanitation conditions along with the fitness and comfort offered by these structures.


ASSET is a modern brand made in Italy specialized in the production of point of use (POU) water dispenser connected to the water mains.
With an installed base of over 120.000 dispensers across fifteen countries and three continents and a production capacity of over thirty thousand units, ASSET has become a global player in the water dispensers market that can cover all segments: domestic, office & Ho.re.ca