An exclusive design

With a design unique in its kind and its elegant, slender shapes, ISI-T water dispenser, the quintessence of technology.
Its splendid chromium-plating and its fully Made in Italy refi ned design make it a precious accessory, suitable for any environment.

All the experience of ASSET in the realization of the best water dispensers available on the market

Taylor-made elegance in the water dispenser

The exclusive front panels can be easily customised as necessary with logos, images and patterns, and become a powerful marketing tool

Safety and respect for the environment

The ASSET water dispensers can replace bottled mineral water, contributing to cutting CO2 emissions while helping reducing the pollution generated by the production of billions of disposable plastic bottles.
It takes about 700 years to plastic bottles to completely degrade, and 80% of them are not recycled.


Am I serene? Yes, I am.

Elegant and sophisticate. Simply, my ISI-T.
A relaxing break during a workday or a business meeting. That’s my water: cold, ambient or sparkling. Always ready to use. I save more and pollute less.

Hygienic Touchscreen – AHT

In public places, offices and schools, the dispenser is used frequently by a lot of people who are always touching the classic dispenser “push-button”.
The dirt residue that may build up in the space between the classic “push-button” and the surface of the dispenser can become fertile ground for proliferating bacteria and fungi. To eliminate this unpleasant and dangerous situation, Asset designed the AHT – Advanced Hygienic Touchscreen.
Consisting of a flat and smooth touchscreen keyboard, the AHT has no “vulnerable” spaces: that means it is easy to clean and guarantees absolutely hygienic conditions.


Microfiltration is a filtration process that removes solid particles from a fluid that is then conveyed through a microporous membrane.
Copper or silver scales with microscopic holes are sometimes added during the water microfiltration process since they are natural antibacterial metals. They are added prior to a complex prefiltration process during which natural active principles (activated vegetable charcoal) capture and retain sediments, chlorine and other polluting substances over an extended period of time.
ASSET uses only filters certified by the Italian Ministry of Health.


One of the most difficult problems to solve – relative to bacterial load proliferation inside water dispensers – is water stagnation inside the circuit.
A small amount of water remains trapped inside the nozzle delivery point after each dispensing operation.
Theoretically, it is possible that the user might not use the dispenser for several days (e.g. during holidays or weekends) and that the water in the nozzle, which comes in contact with the environment, may become unpleasant.
To solve this problem, Asset invented O3 TECH – Ozone Nozzle Sanification.
With this revolutionary technology the electromagnetic valves and the circuit that connects them to the point of delivery are completely emptied after each water dispensing operation. Then, the last section of the supply circuit is sanitized using ozone, which is produced inside the dispenser. If the dispenser is not used, sanification is still carried out on a periodic basis.
This significantly reduces any bacterial load that may have developed in the nozzle.

Anti Bacteria Cooled Valves

The electromagnetic valves are inserted directly into the head of the carbonator, without having to use pipes or connectors that would only reduce productivity and increase the risk of bacterial load proliferation. Thermal conduction transfers the low temperature inside the carbonator head to the electromagnetic valves: therefore, the low temperature inside the electromagnetic valves significantly reduces the risk of bacterial load proliferation in the circuit, guaranteeing absolutely hygienic conditions.
This solution also significantly reduces the water content inside the dispenser hydraulic circuit.
To optimize and improve performance Asset also adds a bacterial load inhibitor (bacteriostatic agent) – produced by BASF – to the polymer mixture used to mould the carbonator head and the electromagnetic valve block.

Simply, my ISI-T

OEM Solutions for your Business

In an increasing competitive market it is mandatory to differentiate from competitors to give a real value
proposition to your customers.

If this is your need, ASSET is your perfect business partner in fact we can offer small, medium and large scale tailor made solutions to your business, developing products from scratch or personalizing our line-up to meet your needs.
*ISI-T painter : Brigitte GUILLEN.

Exclusive design of its kind, holding in his smooth and soaring shapes, a very high technological contentrate.

The wonderful “at sight” chroming and the refined made in Italy design make ISI-T a precious piece of forniture that perfectly integrates in every setting and office.

Customized beauty

The exclusive front panel can be easily customized with logos, images and fancies, according to your demand, becoming in this way a valid instrument of Marketing Communication or simply a real personalization of your way of being.


Water at room temperature

Sparkling water

Cold water



Hot water

Technical features

Saturated 4 l

Adjustable from 4 ° C to 8 ° C

Water Inlet Solenoid Valve

Touch Screen Panel + Display

Diaphragm Pump


ASSET is a modern brand made in Italy specialized in the production of point of use (POU) water dispenser connected to the water mains.
With an installed base of over 120.000 dispensers across fifteen countries and three continents and a production capacity of over thirty thousand units, ASSET has become a global player in the water dispensers market that can cover all segments: domestic, office &