Room temperature, cold and sparkling microfiltered and debacterialized water dispenser

Our Undercounter models are available in the Remote (Wireless), Electromechanical and Electronic versions.
Compact and elegant, the Undercounter dispenser supplies cold, room temperature and sparkling microfiltered water.

All the experience of ASSET in the realization of the best water dispensers available on the market

Easy installation

Very easy to install and noiseless, this dispenser, which can be adapted to meet any and all requirements, is perfect for any environment where space is a problem.

Microprocessor control

Undercounter is controlled by a microprocessor which, through special sensors, signals any malfunction and turns off the dispenser when dangerous conditions arise, such as leaks. It is equipped with a monitoring system that, through the use of chip card technology, controls the filter’s service life and advises the user when it should be replaced.

Low power consumption

Thanks to its low power consumption the Undercounter water dispenser fully complies with the strictest regulations while UV debacterialization guarantees maximum hygiene.

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Anti Bacteria Cooled Valves

The electromagnetic valves are inserted directly into the head of the carbonator, without having to use pipes or connectors that would only reduce productivity and increase the risk of bacterial load proliferation. Thermal conduction transfers the low temperature inside the carbonator head to the electromagnetic valves: therefore, the low temperature inside the electromagnetic valves significantly reduces the risk of bacterial load proliferation in the circuit, guaranteeing absolutely hygienic conditions.
This solution also significantly reduces the water content inside the dispenser hydraulic circuit.
To optimize and improve performance Asset also adds a bacterial load inhibitor (bacteriostatic agent) – produced by BASF – to the polymer mixture used to mould the carbonator head and the electromagnetic valve block.


Microfiltration is a filtration process that removes solid particles from a fluid that is then conveyed through a microporous membrane.
Copper or silver scales with microscopic holes are sometimes added during the water microfiltration process since they are natural antibacterial metals. They are added prior to a complex prefiltration process during which natural active principles (activated vegetable charcoal) capture and retain sediments, chlorine and other polluting substances over an extended period of time.
ASSET uses only filters certified by the Italian Ministry of Health.

A wide range of taps to choose from for your water dispenser

To keep your water perfectly clean and get the most out of your water dispenser, Asset provides all the necessary accessories.


Water ambient temperature

Sparkling water
Cold water

Technical features

Saturated 4 l

Adjustable from 4 ° C to 8 ° C

Water Inlet Solenoid Valve

Chip Card Filter Life Control


ASSET is a modern brand made in Italy specialized in the production of point of use (POU) water dispenser connected to the water mains.
With an installed base of over 120.000 dispensers across fifteen countries and three continents and a production capacity of over thirty thousand units, ASSET has become a global player in the water dispensers market that can cover all segments: domestic, office & Ho.re.ca